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Silent Farewell
As the sun set, she knew not what tomorrow would bring.
But she vowed, with her whole being, that tomorrow, with whatever troubles it brought, would never break her again.
Free was her soul.
Free was she.
:iconhatoripanther:HatoriPanther 0 0
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To Repair the Broken
    Trailing her fingers over the dusty hard wood counter top, the heart inside her expanded, swelling full of regrets, of anger, and of sorrow. Tears brimmed her eyes before cascading down her cheeks like small waterfalls, never ending as the rain kept falling from her eyes.
    Her fingers picked up chunks of dust upon those small ravines on the pads, dirtying her once pure body, just as the memories soiled her peace of mind. To breathe in the musky air was to inhale poisonous gasses from the past.
    She took three steps farther into the room, away from the counter, before she sank down to her knees, surveying the sight before her eyes. Not a surface was untouched by the layer of dust that clung onto the objects she once took for granted.
    Every object within her sight was a distant dream, far off in the haze of her mind, almost as if she'd just imagined them all, and suddenly now here they were, in this existence, as dusty as her heart st
:iconhatoripanther:HatoriPanther 1 0
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Deadly Regret
She had opened the door.
Oh, why did she open it?
She had known what would fly at her once those shadows were released.
She had known.
They surrounded her, cornering her.
Every pain over the past few months hit her.
And she dropped like lead to the floor, dead.
She had held it off.
She had stayed strong.
But now, she was dead.
Dead in her rotten land of hell.
And all around her, he was there.
In the shadows.
Her torture.
To forever want to be by his side...
but to forever have to turn away from him to save him.
Oh, yes, she was the moon.
Always leaving.
And always returning, hidden by the clouds.
In her hell, leaving was the only choice, just like in life.
It was better this way.
Like they all said, a relationship would bring both of them down.
And the faint dream would never come true... Never...
Not with her at his side.
In her hell, she wailed, screamed, ran from him.
And in her hell, all was silent.
Her body was never found.
It lay on the moon, far away, w
:iconhatoripanther:HatoriPanther 1 0
Looking Up, Now by HatoriPanther Looking Up, Now :iconhatoripanther:HatoriPanther 1 0


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=] great artists to not so great.
all have a special talent. :peace:


  • Listening to: Never Grow Up - TS
  • Watching: Her grow like a weed
  • Drinking: Loads of water....
It's hard to remember four years ago and where I was.
I was in love with a tard. I loved a stranger. I was far from both. I was in chatrooms with people I will never meet.

All that stuff seemed so important and full of stress and drama.

Now here I am, a mommy. There he is, a tard. And there he is, living his life.

And I've forgotten so many lessons I was taught so long ago.
Like, for example, not running away from problems.
I was at my boyfriends' house and got mad at him. He was half asleep, so I got angrier and packed my babe up and we left.
And on my way home I remembered that running away solves absolutely nothing. And sure enough, I have a lot more to work with now than I did before.

I'm happy, though.
I have a beautiful chick who is my sunshine.
I have a guy whose been around since I was 6months...even through all my hormonal changing attitudes.

Life isn't perfect, but damn... My daughter makes the shitty times alright with just her smile.


Its a long road ahead, so bring snacks.
Artist | Student | Photography
I'm... me.
I like to see that patch of blue sky in a sea of gray clouds, pink and yellow sunsets, the white of winter, the blossoms of spring, the sweet, sweet heat of summer on my back as I lay on a sandy beach. When I'm sick I like books, blankets, pillows, and coffee, however only unless I feel like I'm dying or I have something important going on, I won't take drugs to get myself over any sickness; my immune system can, and normally does, take care of me.
I like walking barefoot in soft grass, and have had a wild duck for a friend. For fun, I go shopping and eat Chinese food with my friends, go hiking when the weather permits, and I spend time with my baby niece.
I'm a child, a teenager, and an old woman.
I'm me. That's all I need to be.

One night I'll sit myself down on a dock, fishing with my cane pole, feet in the water, and beside me someone with their own cane pole will be sitting. And together we will sit, fish, and look up to the stars and talk about life, death, and all the mysteries and blessings in between.
Yeah, some night I'll do that. =)
Dreams are for the dreamers. And I am a dreamer.

Current Residence: A safe haven.
Favourite genre of music: mostly love and/or broken love songs, but always country. :)
Favourite photographer: One that doesn't just "take pictures" but captures a message in a photo.
Favourite style of art: The kind that affect me.
Favourite cartoon character: Cinderella - a low girl who went against everything to have her prince charming - someone to admire.
Personal Quote: Take the path worthy of pleasure, full of peace, and deserving of the wild ride that is known as life. ~



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I finished highschool and got my diploma in June of 2013. Still am going to go to college, probably next September, for business and management. I have been a roller coaster! Lol
I'm 31weeks pregnant with my first little miracles. Single mommy life for me. Haha. Oh well. I'm happy. :)
Howve you been?? Taking care of your acting career?? I hope so. :)
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